Fixed Template editor height cuts off half of the Save / Save and Exit buttons

Affected version
2.0.0 DP10

DragonByte Tech

Well-known member
Chrome (Latest), Windows 10 (sadly).

If the template is big enough to cause a scrollbar (e.g. more than 25 lines), the submit row gets chopped in half:


Changing the height of .codeEditor.CodeMirror to 55vh in the browser's development tool fixes the issue:


Previous versions of XF2 had the height big enough so that the sticky submit bar would overlap the "Add-on" bar, which is undesirable for addon development as it forces us to scroll to set the correct add-on.

It would probably be desirable if there was a separate height for Master Style and "other" styles, since if you're editing the Master Style then you're a developer and you want the height small enough to not cause the sticky submit row to block out the add-on drop-down.