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Do you watch television? TeeVee Town existed for a short while a few years ago, but due to one thing and another the site was eventually taken offline. But now, under fresh management and with a gorgeous new look (courtesy of @Sheldon ) we're proud to announce its rebirth.

As always, TVT is still a work in progress, but we are open for business. We have some custom things already in place for members to play with, so let's take a look at what we're offering so far.

Of course, there's the forum - we've set this up so there is a specific area to post about shows (using @Snog's TV addon) and also a more general area to chat about tv-related things that may not work well within the specific show threads. We also offer a place to talk about the Online Streaming Services currently on offer.


As well as this we have also added a specific section dedicated to some of the most popular shows on TV at the moment - as the site grows and shows change and evolve, we can see this section also changing its lineup and it is something we are planning for - by asking our members to vote for their favourites at various times to keep this section up to date with our members preferences.
favourites1.png favourites2.png
( if you tell me to remove Supernatural as a favourite, I may have to hunt you down and kill you ;))

We have gone with the horizontal postbit for our choice on TeeVee Town and that's so we can offer our members the ability to display what Streaming Services they use:-

These options can be selected via Personal Details

We also offer our members the ability to choose to highlight three of their favourite shows in the postbit

And these can be selected via the Preferences options. There are around 402 shows to choose from - so that's over 1200 options added (402 (ish) x 3) You have to admire @Sheldon's commitment for doing that :D


As always, there is more to come. . .but that's today's preview. Hope you like what you've seen :)



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Oddly enough, not my browser of choice but at work I am forced to use I.E.

Running I.E. 8, each time I visit the page I.E. crashes. I don't have the same effect on firefox or chrome.