Technology used by XenForo?


What kind of stuff is XF using behind-the-scenes? MySQL of course, what about Sphinx for search?

What kind of libraries did you choose? I see lots of beautiful jQuery. Are you using any PHP frameworks?

I'm super excited to see the code :D
The Javascript is our own wrappers around jQuery and jQuery Tools, all the DB stuff is MySQL at present, and the PHP is almost entirely bespoke, although there are a few components of Zend Framework that we are using for convenience at present, though we aim to remove those in due course.
Well, there are some reasonable Zend Framework bits...

Sphinx search is planned, but it's not applicable for most boards, so we wanted to do MySQL FT to start.
It tends to be very separated, and possibly over-architected in places. At one point, we were using it for session handling (in the DB), and it ended up requiring (IIRC) 10+ classes to do it, on top of the number of DB related classes we had already included.

But it does have some nice components (eg, Zend_Http_Client).
Sphinx search is planned


Not sure how far you are with these Sphinx plans.

It might be worth having a look at the new real time index feature.

Or in case you are going to use the Kill-list feature to update the index it would be helpful to have a "last_updated" column in the post and thread table with the dateline of the most recent edit. And a log of all deleted posts and threads.

I guess you already know all this. It's just what I've recently been hacking into vBulletin ;)
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