TeamSpeak-Verifikation in my Forums


Hey guys!
I'm very new in the scene of the Web-Developers but I try to make a TeamSpeak-Verifikation in my Forums!

First of all, I use the TeamSpeak³-Framework for this.

I want, that the script set a group on my TeamSpeak-Server if a user push a button on the contact-details in his profiel settings!

The script is already done:
I want to put the whole Framework in the /libraries/TeamSpeak3-Verify/ directory

        $server = array(
            "tsip" => "localhost",
            "tsport" => "9987",
            "ts_query_admin" => "myAdminName",
            "ts_query_password" => "*******",
            "ts_query_port" => "10011",
            "ts_query_user_nick" => "System"
        try {
            $ts3_VirtualServer = TeamSpeak3::factory("serverquery://".$server["ts_query_admin"].":".$server["ts_query_password"]."@".$server["tsip"].":".$server["ts_query_port"]."/?server_port=".$server["tsport"]."&nickname=".$server["ts_query_user_nick"]."");
            $client = $ts3_VirtualServer->clientFindDb("TeamSpeak-UUID", true);
            if( $ts3_VirtualServer->serverGroupClientAdd(6, $client[0]) )
                echo "Group set successfully!";
        } catch(Exception $e) {
            echo "Error!<br/>ErrorID: <b>". $e->getCode() ."</b>; Error Message: <b>". $e->getMessage() ."</b>;";

So, now I have two Question:
1) In my code is a section called "TeamSpeak-UUID" how can I place the index of a custome profiel field there automatically?
2) How can I create a button in this section from the profiele settings that run this script?

Sorry for my bad english, I tried my best!

Have a nice day!
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