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Thanks for putting this up. I am my staff team so I don't feel the need to put one up yet. But I have been wanting to do a link page to put up sponsors and site related links. I did a simple on to get on a page for a bigger site but I want to put something up that looks good. So I decided to use your template as a starting point.

What I'm trying to do is make two sections. Sponsors and Related links. I set that up. I also wanted to have the text under the pic rather then beside it. I have that all done now. My issue is trying to change the avatar. I want to make this a logo or banner (depending on what they give me) and I would like this centered above the text.

I believe this is what is controlling that.

float: left;
margin-right: 10px;
clear: both;

Does anyone know what changes I can make to this to allow me to use logos and/or banners and have them centered?



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@Brogan, when on the staff page and a member card is opened, the member card appears messed up, like so:


I think it has to do with the marquees Nights added for the descriptions of each user group a while ago, but I'm not sure.

Here is a test account if you need it:
  • Username: Test Account
  • Password: test
I've sent Test Account a test conversation so you can click the Test Account username or my username in the inbox dropdown menu and bring up a member card on the staff page.


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Quite honestly I wouldn't use this.
I wrote it a long time ago when I barely knew what I was doing.


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It may - it's just a manual template utilising some of the XF classes and template code.

Quite honestly, it's very basic and you would probably be better off writing something from scratch.