speicifc page templates?


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Hey there, hope you're all well on this wonderful day. :)

I was wondering if there were some form of documentation that would tell us which templates control which pages, I know many are obvious but a sneaky few are very difficult to track down.

In example, I have been trying to track down the template that controls the resulting content on this page : http://xenforo.com/community/recent-activity/

There's a brilliant function in vb that one may turn on in the admin where template names are added to the source code, does xenforo have that, I haven't found anything like it in my admin panel!

There are a few others I am having trouble with but having a straight forward guide to templates being used per page would be a superbly helpful resource. Does anyone know if one exists, i have been searching here for some time now and cannot find anything like it. :(


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View the page source.
The template is named in the class as follows:
<div id="content" class="news_feed_page_global">