Task management, planning or project manager software recommendations?


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I wanted to see if anyone else uses any sort of project management or task planning / scheduling software and if so what do you recommend?

I would prefer something that could be done from the pc as well as sync to my mobile device which currently is an android phone. I am mainly looking for something where I can jot down a quick note for something that needs done and it will remind me. We currently have outlook 2003 on my work pc and the tasks part of it kind of sucks. I should be getting an exchange account here in the next couple of weeks but I still don't know if tasks could be synced to my android phone as well?

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I've been demo'ing Producteev. It's mostly task management.
The mobile app for Producteev is good.
There is a good free demo.

I'm researching the real time aspects of it with Gtalk / Jabber.


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Trello and Asana both seem to be good. They finally put my email on the exchange server and updated my outlook to 2010. The tasks within outlook are much improved over the 2003 version I was using.

Still waiting for the company phone to put exchange on as I don't really want to put it on my personal phone due to the data that would be used.

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For task management I really like Wundrlist and for time management there's very few OS apps which are good, but there's tons of good web apps. Unfortunately, almost all cost a monthly fee, which isn't much at all.


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I use "Things" although I think it may be a Mac/Apple exclusive.

I noticed some people recommending more sophisticated project management apps than simple scheduling/todo. How complicated of an app are you looking for?


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Nothing is as easy as Workflowy. It is absolutely amazing , simple , powerful and extremely nice UI
Thanks a lot for this tip. After your posting I checked it out and in 5 minutes I fell in love with it :love:.

With Evernote I never really came around using it for todo lists, but Workflowy got me enthusiastic right from the start to put down my lists. The simplicity really makes it a joy to use. (It's like the Xenforo of ToDo Lists Tools)



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It is only for me. We usually have around 400 jobs a year. So far I am leaning more towards Trello. I did sign up for workflowy and I like the quick outlining but there is no way to sort the lists.

We name our jobs with the last two digits of the year first then the job number. It would be nice to keep these listed in order so then it is easy to find.

Here is an example of our jobs:

12-255 One Job
12-256 Another Job
12-257 Yet Another Job

Trello keeps them in order which is great. I have been using the tasks in outlook 2010 as well now that they finally upgraded my email. Just a matter of finding a system that works for me.

I take a lot of notes during the day from phone calls along with other items that need to be taken care of according to our delivery schedule.


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Thanks a lot for this tip. After your posting I checked it out and in 5 minutes I fell in love with it :love:.
And I am still in love. It is really such an outstanding tool... brilliant in it's simplicity. It's like a html [list] on steroids.

'Cause it's not like all the complicated geeky websites out there...'

Exactly, this sure is the power of this fantastic tool. And the whole execution/implementation is ace. It reminds me of how I felt when I first started to discover Xenforo.