XF 1.5 TaigaChat Not Working In Forum Threads

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We are using XenForo 1.5.2. We are using the TaigaChat Pro 1.4.7 Add-on. In the Widgets area, we are using Shout Box with the Renderer set to TaigaChat Pro Shoutbox (Sidebar). It is set to display in the following positions: account_personal_details, conversation_list, conversation_view, forum_list, forum_view, help_bb_codes, help_cookies, help_index, help_smilies, help_terms, help_trophies, member_list, member_view, thread_view, watch_threads .

The problem is, in certain areas of the forum the chat box appears empty. It has a 0 at the top as if there are no posts, and it just shows white space where the content should be. This always happens while viewing a thread, but when I go back to the main page of the forum it lists the posts in the box again. What might cause this issue?
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