Tags not always leading to notifications


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A lot of our members are complaining that the tagging feature in XF1.2 is not working correctly.

We were using the BD Tag Me before but I uninstalled it before upgrading as per the instructions.

Yet I am not able to reproduce it myself as I do get my notifications it seems.

Other people experiencing this as well?


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Tags in quotes or on an edit won't alert the tagged user. Are these the times they are complaining about?


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Use the permission analyzer to make sure that people actually have permission to alert users with tags (Maximum tag alerts per message).


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Ah thats a good one Mike, thanks!

Previously with the bd tag me addon i have allowed regular users to be able to tag one user per post. Premium members however could tag multiple users at a time.

Does this mean that for example User X that has the option to tag 5 people per message can still tag 10 users but only 5 receive a notification?


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Perfect thanks.

Still I have a weird issue @Mike that a certain user cannot be tagged at all by any usergroup.

Shall i file a support ticket so you can have a look at it?


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A user can literraly not be tagged :) When filling in his first name (Antonio) a list of other Antonios show up. However there is no result on the first letter of his lastname.


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Is there a way to change this character limit? I presume there are more forums out there that require real first and last names to be used :) ?