XF 1.5 Tagging does not always trigger notifications

Hi all,

in my forum www.sportforen.de I (and the other users) am experiencing the issue that tagging a user does not always trigger notifications. I have not been able to figure out when it works and when it doesn't. Is that a known issue / any pointers on what I can do? What worries me most is that the issue started to appear a while ago when I was not changing anything in the forum at all. All my users experience this problem.



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The typical reasons for this are:

- editing posts
- tagging more members than the maximum tag value set in permissions
- members having tag alerts disabled
- a third party add-on or style
- custom JavaScript (e.g. ads)


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Definitely check your user permissions as Brogan mentioned.

I had this issue once and it was caused by one add-on that reverted this value to 0 ..