Not a bug Tagging Bug and Quoting Issue

Recently, I've experienced some issues lately, but here are the 2 important ones.

1. I've noticed that when you get tagged by another member, it does not show up in your alerts some of the times. Yes, it does work once in a while. When I am tagging some members in my threads, I notice that they do not get the alert that they have been tagged in the alerts menu.

2. This one seems a bit odd. When I comment on a thread, it would go through so everyone can see it. When I am quoting a following member, it does not load/comment. I would have to reload my page then it will comment. Not sure if there is a fix for this, tell me if you need more explaining



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Presumably this is happening on your own site.

What is the URL?
It's possible some add-ons or customisations are involved.


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It's likely going to be something local to that site.

The site owner can post in the support forum, should they wish to try and troubleshoot it.