Lack of interest Tag cloud (label cloud) at top of Bookmarks please

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I use bookmarks a lot but finding them is a real pain.

We can label them but then have to remember what we typed later because there is no list or cloud. Can you put this at the top of "Show All" please?
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The searching would search: (searching is not a part of the OP's idea)
(1) the thread title (and ideally the post text).
(2) the message text
(3) label text.
(4) might be useful to include the forum name where the post appears as well.


This Bookmarks feels like an admin / power user thing.

Enabling Bookmarks to be viewable by others could be interesting (Probably better than profile posts).

To remove a bookmark. I was kinda expecting to Just click it and that would be it.
I wanted a "BOOKMARK REMOVED" message to appear.

Instead I got this (seen above).

The options Save / Delete aren't right here ...
it should be: Keep / Remove.

Better yet, I'd just have Remove (and I'd right justify it so it is close to the bookmark :) )
Clicking elsewhere gets rid of the dialog box and effectively doesnt remove it.
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