XF 1.2 Tag alerts being received but nor formatted properly

Stuart Wright

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When someone tags me in a post, I get this:

The code looks like this:
<div class="listItemText">
        <abbr data-timestring="9:35 PM" data-datestring="Feb 9, 2014" data-diff="2109" data-time="1391981700" class="DateTime muted time" title="Feb 9, 2014 at 9:35 PM">37 minutes ago</abbr>
Obviously there should be something in the H3.
Does anyone have any idea what this might be down to?
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Do you have any outdated templates or phrases?

Other than that, you may need to disable add-ons to determine if any of those are to blame.


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I'd reimport the master data. (It's possible that you uninstalled/disabled an add-on that has a template that conflicts with the standard one.)

Stuart Wright

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