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XF 1.5 Tables to truncate before import?


Active member
In order to test dozens of custom mods and themes, I had to create some sample data (users, threads, conversations, posts, likes, usergroups). For example, no way to see page numbers without creating a thread with 10+ posts on it, or to test auto-thread creation without creating some threads

Before importing from vB (need to retain content IDs), which XF tables will I first need to truncate? Basically just any one that the importer imports from?



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Thanks @Brogan for the quick reply! I guess my best bet then will be to just keep developing in this installation, then export the plugins + theme. Will suck to lose the admin CP settings though - possible to bring those along?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
No, it's not possible to export/retain any settings.

It may just be worth setting up a new instance, duplicating what you already have, import the style, then take a backup.

You can then use that as the clean master should you need to do another import for any reason.