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XF 1.4 A very quick question before import of VB


Active member
I have installed xenforo and got it ready for my import from VB

Me and my members of staff have created test accounts (I have the admin account that was created on install of xenforo)

I made sure these accounts have different usernames to any of the usernames that are going to be copied over from VB.

My question is - do I have to delete all the users from the test board before I imports from VB ?

Im worried that the admin account that was created on install of xenforo might have the same user ID of my admin account that I will be importing over ? would this cause a conflict ?

If so can I delete all users ? surely there has to be the admin account ??


Well-known member
I suggest doing an import on an empty new database.

Before importing, make sure you don't have any duplicate emails on vBulletin.