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XF 1.2 Sypex Dumper Install Error

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I installed Sypex Dumper and the Xenforo integration file, but in the end I got an error.

I am running XenForo 1.2.2 - I would like to upgrade to 1.2.3 but first I need to get the database backup right.

I tried to follow the install instructions exactly, but obviously I did something wrong. Besides I ended up with the sxd folder in 2 places and I don't know if or which one I have to delete.

Here's what I did.

My forum URL is http://www.bellepregnancy.com

1. Unpacked SypexDumper_207.zip

2. Uploaded the sxd folder as such to public_html

3. Set the 'backup' folder (sxd/backup) persmissions to 777

4. Set the cfg.php file (sxd/cfg.php) and ses.php (sxd/ses.php) permissions to 666 (I also tried setting them to 777 with the same wrong results)

5. In cfg.php I replaced 'auth' => 'mysql cfg', with 'auth' => 'xf mysql cfg'

6. Copied the sxd folder to public_html/library

7. In my XenForo Admin CP I installed the file "addon_SypexDumper.xml

Apparently the installation was correct. I can see Sypex Dumper 2 under Tools > Backup & Restore DB, but when I click on Sypex Dumper 2 it goes to


and get the error

The requested page could not be found.

Strangely, the Server Error Logs at http://www.bellepregnancy.com/admin.php?logs/server-error

No errors have been logged.

I did a File Health Check and everything is fine.

I have no customization and my only installed addon is the above one.

I don't know what is wrong o what I can do to correct it.

Can someone help me?
Not open for further replies.