XF 1.5 Switching to HTTPS Issue


I'm having issues switching over to https. I have went through every option to make sure I do not have "http://" set anywhere in my modifications (templates / css / settings).

Then I changed : Options > Basic Board Information > Board URL to "https://"

This is what Firefox is showing me when I load the main board URL:


My forum-logo.png is set using a relative URL. I'm also not sure why the forum is trying to load the other images using http and not https.

This is giving me a "mix content warning". Any ideas how to solve this issue?
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Install and enable the cron job for AndyB's Convert All Images add-0n to create local versions of images with https links that avoid the problem. Leave tyhe cron job running for long enough to convert all existing images - then you can disable it.

Also install AndyB's Convert Images add-on to do the same on the fly for any new images posted in new threads or replies.
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