Switching from WP/XF site to XF only


I have have a poorly updated start page in WordPress.
So I created a better startpage that is using Xenforo widgets instead.

But my problem now what's the best way to remove the WP site - without risking of loosing rank on google etc?
I use Apache2 and have 2 virtual hosts, one is "sitename.se" and points to WP. The other one is "forum.sitename.se" and that is where we find Xenforo.
I want to keep both, but I want "sitename.se" to open "sitename.se/start" (also called "forum.sitename.se/start").

What is the best way to solve this, keep the users happy and, preferably, not loose ranking on Google (the ranking for the WP page is not worth much)...

Edit: I have found that a reroute in .htaccess might be an easy way to solve this.
Could that be the solution?
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