Switching from vb 3.7.0 to XF, need advise!


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i have a vb forum (forum.domain .com ) and would like to install XF.

My plan is to install XF into a directory and import vb data and move XF to the root if the import is success. What should i do? Should , basically go to options -> Basic Board Info and change the URL? then move the files?


Yep :)

Just install XenForo as if it has to be in that directory. Leave friendly URLs out of the picture at this point.
Then do the vBulletin import and rebuild all the caches. And go through your forums/usergroups permissions.
When you're ready, just change the details in options and move it to the main dir. And move the files over.
Don't forget it comes with invisible file .htaccess - move it over as well, optionally merging it with existing root's .htaccess

It should work just fine then. You can always just go to admin.php directly and check the options values. I've moved them around and shared database instances after imports with others, and changing the board url is what appears to be all that needs changing.


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The only thing I could add to Floris's statement, is that there must be a reason your forum is now in a subdomain. Specifically, you probably have something at domain.com that is running. You could do your xf work in a subdirectory and not affect the domain.com site (domain.com/testxf), then when done move it like Floris says.