Switch On Slideshow

Continuing on from that discussion, and I repeat that it may have been disabled for a specific reason, you may be able to re-enable the lightbox functionality with a small template edit.

In template xfmg_media_list_macros find:


And replace with:

it may have been disabled for a specific reason
To expand on this, it may be related to the mixed media types in the gallery. The slideshow only works and only makes sense if the gallery is exclusively made up of images. As soon as the slideshow encounters a video, audio or embed, the slideshow will stop.

We also dynamically load in subsequent pages worth of media items. The slideshow doesn't handle this correctly either.
Yes makes sense with mixed media but how is that handled in the nodes? Just stopping makes sense to me.

Quick tests seem to be what I expected. In the main view the slide show stops at the end and in s specific category it loops.
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