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[SurreyForum] XenKingDir: Link / Business Directory (Directory)

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This add-on hasn't had an update in almost 2 years, thus essentially defunct, and the author appears to have left the community. is a terrific replacement for it. I've easily migrated/imported my 900+ links from this add-on to that one with a few quick database (SQL) statements too.

Unfortunal Sebastians directory doesn´t fit my intended use of the directory. But a nice piece of work, when it comes to linkdirectories in general.

Regarding xenkingdir: anyone an idea how the empty subcat containers (appear when categorie child has no child) can be avoided? Like a if childcat="has_no_childcat" display none.. Sitting here for a few hours and can´t get rid of this. Anyone a line of code for me? ;)
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