XF 1.1 Surface Tablet/IE 11 Issue


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User reported the following. Not sure how to repair.

I'm using IE 11.0 on my surface tablet.
If not logged in, everything works perfectly normal.

This would be the normal/expected behaviour, i.e.:
If I place the cursor in a textbox, the virtual keyboard slides in. When I touch outside of the keyboard and textbox, it slides out again.
If i touch and hold I get the context menu, if the menu is open and I touch elsewhere, it closes.
If i swipe in from the bottom, the address bar, favourites, current open tabs etc. slide in. If I touch outside of the slide-in-bar, the bar slides out again.
In short, things stay popped up or slided in, as long as I need them and just close on user interaction.

But as soon as I'm logged in, a lot of things seem to happen in the background, which interfere with all theses things, which pop up or slide in. I.e:
I place the cursor in a text box, the keyboard slides in. Without user interaction, half a second to a second later it slides out again.
I touch and hold, the context menu opens. Without doing anything, half a second to a second later it's gone again.
I swipe in the address bar, the favourites or the tabs, half a second to a second later, they're gone again.
That means:
I cannot use the context menu.
I cannot type anything.
I cannot select another tab.
I cannot select any link from my bookmarks/favourites.

In short, completely unusable.

As soon as I log out, everything is back to normal. This thing is 100% reproducable.


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1.1 very much existed pre-IE11, but this isn't something I've heard about before. However, nothing changes as to what JS is loaded between guests and users, though there will be different things being triggered.

Can he try to reproduce it here? The biggest difference will be the update in JS for 1.2 which will be significant, but it could also potentially be add-on or style related.