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Supporting offer for abandoned add-ons

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you can't do that because that is in effect redistributing another persons mod...which you can't do without expressed consent be it in the terms of use of the software or from the author directly.


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Hi xfrocks. A very good gesture I must say. The way to do it, is very simple. Just go to the Addon's thread which is abandoned and post the updated Addon as an attachment in a new reply in that very thread. That way you haven't created a new thread and no one can say you are "taking over" the addon and the community can get the update. I did this with a couple of addons I used in vb.org which were abandoned. Basically what I did was since I was using that addon and updated it for my site, I posted my updated addon in the Addon thread. So other people if they wanted it, they could take a look. No obligation of support on my part and people get a new update and the addon author if he returns, he can do as he pleases! :)

Of course this solution is only viable if the addon thread is still open. (Hence my objection a few months earlier when one particular Addon author was posting Addons and asking his threads to be closed.)

I doubt that gets around the fact that we have to assume unless stated that the addon authors won't allow their code to be modified/redistributed.


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It's good to see ragtek is back now. His return once again proved that the developers are responsible for their works so you guys can continue using our add-ons/styles and build up your community! This thread has come to a happy ending (even better than I anticipated) so I think it can be closed now. Cheers ;)

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I don't get it. How is updating an Addon and posting it TO the addon author's own thread "redistribution"? I am NOT starting another thread, posting it anywhere else, making any money out of it, just helping some people because I care enough. Why would anyone mind that?


Some importent news:

i've talked with xfrocks and i've gave him permissions to maintain, edit, re-releaise or sell all my free released add-ons here at xf.com ;)
There will be probably some other changes in the future (i'm planing to also release most of the small add-ons at github under BSD ;) so everybody will be able to create forks,....)

This doesn't mean that i'm leaving the xf community, it's just to secure the development of my add-ons, if something bad happens again :(
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