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Support is excellent


Formerly mugtree
This probably isn't the right section but just wanted to stop for a second, and thank Brogan and all the others that help with support and have helped me so far. I ask a lot of noob questions on here, which is annoying I know. Compared to other support from other applications, the xenforo community is outstanding. So thanks a lot. :)

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Yes, it's one of the most attractive things about the script. You have a very responsive support staff, and the users aren't bad either on answering questions.
I also use another paid script for another site (long story, but wanted exposure to something new) and had gotten used to the quick responses here. Over there, you post a question and usually the crickets get rather deafening before you get a response (if you get a response).


Well-known member
I rarely require support, however I ran into an issue converting a forum to XF this week. I was deep into the conversion and had already spent more than half a day when the I ran into the problem. I tried to fix it myself, but could not so I created a support request. Within minutes @Chris D answered and told me he would send me a fix. The fix worked and I was able to complete the import :)