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I'm having trouble finding out how to format text in super or subscript. HTML tags aren't doing it for me and could not locate an addon that adds it to the text editor. Any solutions you know of?
There are no upload instructions or readme file and I am unsure how to do it. Is it as simple as moving the sup/sub xml docs to my root, or do I need to edit templates etc.? I would like the features in the text editor but don't really have a clue how to go about it.



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I've exported the sup and sub bb codes.

You will just need to set the editor icon values in the Advanced Options tab if you want buttons in the editor.

You will also need to add this to EXTRA.css:
    vertical-align: bottom;

    vertical-align: top;


@MattW Matt when you get a chance will you please help me with this on your support site. I can't figure it out. Thanks Brogan for your help you are not a logger/sawyer/woodworker and I am not a computer guru but we both have our place in society and I do appreciate what you do here.
Actually, I was many years ago. :)

You just need to import the .xml as custom bb code and add the code above.
Based on your avatar you are way too young to have been a logger many years ago but I do not question your ability to hold your own in the patch and carry your weight. I'm sure you can do both quite well. If you are also a woodworker now that stirs my blood and I would love to see your work. Even if you are not a woodworker it is good to be able to converse with you on a somewhat personal level for a change.
Trying to figure out all that sprite stuff. I did get them showing in my editor but when I use them the code shows instead of just super pr subbing the text as if I am in html mode. Like this . . .


Anything else I do in the editor such as bold etc. just shows the end result not the tags.


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Are you wanting it to do it real time in the editor? What it's doing is the same as posting text inside the code tags. It's only formatting the BB code once the post has been submitted (expected behaviour)
I'm going to take a different tack here - if I need to start a new thread in the resource request let me know. Would it be possible to include a set of fractions themselves in the text editor?


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