XF 1.4 Super Moderators, ACP Access


I'm getting ready to import a large forum from vB3 to XenForo, but this board uses Super Moderators as a sort of mini-Administrator role, wherein they are capable of banning members and editing member profiles to remove offensive content or change usernames. This hasn't been an issue with the other boards I have ported to XenForo, since Administrators tend to handle that side of things, but the structure of this board requires these actions (the old board also has a distinctive SMod username/title markup, which I know can be done by simply creating a new usergroup and placing them in it [btw, should that be a primary or a secondary group?]).

Is it possible to accomplish this with XenForo as it is now? I found some old threads that seemed to indicate it was not possible, but these were XenForo 1.1-era threads, so I wanted to check and see if that might have changed between 1.1 and 1.4 and I've simply overlooked something.

Thanks for your time!


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A user has to be an administrator to gain access to the ACP.

Editing of member profiles is available to moderators, but not banning, although that can be achieved via a Warning Action.