Super Administrator Can't Upload?

I am lost her guys, I checked and double checked the permission and as a Super Admin I can upload any images, I get the following error :

There was a problem uploading your file.

However I created a test-user in user group Registered and it can upload just fine?
Also when I look at my account (Super Admin) I am set up in the primary user group Administrative with no secondary user group, is this correct?


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Please read the guide that @Amaury linked you to. It explains how you should set up user group permissions properly.

As the Registered group should be the primary user group for everyone, then of course you would need to set up secondary user groups as you won't want everyone to have exactly the same permissions.
ok I read the guide, However I only have and need 4 usergroups.


The un-Registered and Registered user-groups I have not touched, The Administrator User Group I have "ALLOWED ALL".

I set myself as a Registered User - Primary and Administrator Secondary, and I still can't upload anything to the Media Gallery?

However as I mentioned my Test-User, Registered User-Group Can.


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Not everything should be set to Allow, though, for Administrative, only what was left as Not Set (No) on Registered that you want Administrative to have.

It might be worth running the permissions analyzer as well to see what's going on, but your user groups still aren't set up properly.
Thanks for your help, I redid the User Group permissions as per instruction, however that didn't solve my problem.

My problem was actually caused by...

I am using Safari and i had the Flash Uploader enabled.