Super admin issue


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sorry to bring up an old thread....but I have dived off into the deep end of the permissions pool. I "think" I have it mostly down pat....(famous last words)

but the super did the first one come about? Is that automatically whoever installed the software and started setting it up...the first member as it were? Or did I miss something else some where along the way?



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Ok, that's what I was thinking....

yea, these permissions are....something...I'm not sure I've had Jake's 'ah ha' moment yet, but I think I'm going to get stumbled through it anyway...

Thanks Brogan..
Hey Guys,

I'm currently trying to add a third super admin, as described above. However when I do so my whole ACP just goes blank, I get no errors or anything but I just a blank screen. To resolve this I have to put back the previous config.php.

Anyone got a clue where this is going wrong?


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I suspect you either edited the config.php file incorrectly or it was saved in an incorrect format (should be UTF-8 without BOM).