XF 2.2 Super admin and Administrator


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I have imported from vB5 I renamed the XF admin like suggested and now I have two admin accounts.

I notice that the vB5 admin does not have all permissions as XF Super Admin. Even if I upgrade him to same user user groups

Can I merge these?
and then how
Or connect or...
What is best to do?
You have to login as the Super Administrator and promote the vb5 admin to be a super admin, I think, if you want that. If they are already a regular admin, maybe you have to demote then, then promote them again but I have never changed a regular to a super so not sure on that count.

On my board, I have a generic superadmin and then each admin has their own regular admin that is used for day to day admin use. The superadmin is only used for things like adding or demoting an admin which requires superadmin privilege.
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