Sunday's Korean F1 GP


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Yes, the PS3 is under the AV receiver on top of the Sky+HD box.


Did you make him start, then stop again for an hour then follow the safety car around for 20 odd laps aswell :p


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nice G25 wheel! :) (and awesome playseat too :eek:)

F1 2010 is a great game. But it have some bugs... hope the patch is coming soon.


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Blimey! :cool:. At the risk of getting my posting removed again ('every time' I innocently mention Kier's house one way or the other my postings are mysteriously removed... ;):))... dare I ask this question: who's house is this?! Awesome... my inner child get's excited now!

On a serious note: as a child I passionately loved the game consoles from Atari (2600?) and CBS (Coleco Vision) and later the cult called 'MSX'. I haven't touched a gaming console for like 15 years (?) :eek: and sometimes I wonder if I should get one. Never really played games on the PC... but anyway... my girlfriend said to me lately: 'Well... you already are so 'addicted' to the internet... don't you think having a game console next to it will only make it worse!?'. I am afraid she has a point :mad:... although I so much love to play games...

But if I ever go for it... I'm not sure what to choose anyway... XBox 360, Playstation 3... Wii... haven't got a clue really. Although I have the impression that Playstation has more games that I like (XBox seems to be more aimed at the die-hard gamer and PS more at the 'fun' games if I understood correctly?).


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I found that the ps3 lacked games (maybe it's just me) whilst xbox has more. In anycase, when it comes to collaborative fun nothing beats mario kart for the wii and that's when I get the "console rage" I'm terrible for it. Me and consoles do not get along.