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I have forum with no posts but with 20+ subforums with plenty posts in it, the view counter stays at 0 while the post counter is at 1k+, which seems inconsistent.
Ever thought to make it consistent? At least chosable for the user? This can‘t be much effort to realize.

Or, how can I add a sgl request which sums up the views of all sub forums and HTML/js which puts(replaces) the number in right place?
I asked the theme Designer but they said it is not designed by core XF, and not a theme issue.
I am willing to pay 15$ via PayPal if you put the code here available in public 20$, just post your PayPal here or via PM.

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Please I need help! I feel stupid that paid over $400+ just fore core, and i can't change this inconsistent irritating 0.

And my post got just moved silently from XenForo suggestion to Customer Forums...


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Your thread did not appear to be a suggestion - you are asking how to customise it for your own site and offered payment.

That being the case, I will move it to custom requests.


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Ok I was already, writing a new suggestion, i already imagined what you thought :whistle:
I was offering payment, because i mentioned this suggestion once before but didn't got heard, i was afraid live the same again and desperate I added that on the end, to have a solution and a proof of concept at same time :)
Thanks for all your time an effort Brogan


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No one else who finds that annoying or at least anyone capable to code that inconsistency away?
This thing drives me mad! I pump the bid it up to 35$, and you don't have to publish code here its up to you!