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Malcolm M

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I have gone through the suggestions forum and picked a few other suggestions from other members which I think should be included in XenForo 2.0

If you feel that I missed a couple, please feel free to leave it in the replies below!
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Malcolm M

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Each suggestion needs to have it's own thread. There is no possible way to gauge interest this way.
I understand, but this isn't really introducing new ideas but refreshing the old ones so that they are still in the developers/other members minds so that they can put more thought into it. I also apologize for going against the guidelines, I read and clearly understood them, but felt that these suggestions I suggested should be looked into. I once again apologize for ignoring the one guideline about *1 suggestion per thread.

Tracy Perry

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This would have been better posted in the XenForo 2.0 specific discussion thread honestly since there are already suggestions in existence for them - and those are what the results of possibility of addition would be based off of.
Here is my list:

1. Show 2 different lists of threads based on last post OR based of the start of the thread:
Listing of new threads = sort all new recent opened threads chronically
Listing of active threads = sort of topics, based on last posts.

For this you can better use the name ''active threads'' and ''new recent threads'', instead of ''new posts''.

2. Manually select (dropdown menu) the max amount of threads/posts shown in 1 single page:
Topic list:

Posts per page:

3. Add a button which can show you ALL posts of a thread in 1 single page.
So you'll get one very long page. For power users this is way more efficient.

4. Who is online now?
The current setup is way to complicated. I just want to see a simple list which shows the users who are online right now (and what their last action was).

5. Button in a thread: Show only posts from the person tho opened the thread.
Gives you a list of only the posts of the person who opened the thread.

6. Give users the option to show the forums list without avatars. For true power users it has no function.

7. Make 'Private Conversations' more like a private forum where you can also CC people or forward a conversation like how email works.
However I can assume that some people don't want that their 'private discussion/chat' can be shared. Gives users the option to restrict that any third party can be added to a private discussion.

8. Add live updates, realtime loading of new posts by ajax in the core. So you'll get 'live' threads without the need to manually refresh the page.
9. Add SSL proxy of posted images, also offer some form of realtime resize for large images.
10. Add support for external CDN hosting and use of hosted libraries.
11. Add Cozy view, compact display for pc with minimal whitespace and max amount of info. Without unnecessary stuff like large avatars.

Productivity must have:

1. Single page button. Show all posts of thread in 1 page. (single page view)
2. Dropdown menu in lists where you can select max threads/posts per page.
3. Button to filter only show posts of the 'selected' person in a thread

4. ajax auto refresh page, like live add new posts/updates and alerts including browser notifications
5. Improve private messaging system like a mailbox where you can also forward messages or a private group conversation or chat.
6. Add floating windows for chats, editor and messages like what they have in Gmail.
7. Avoid infinite scrolling and always use pagination.
8. Reputation calculator of a profile on basis of posts.
9. Add copy drag drop , move text by mouse in the new editor


Add more online local payment options for purchase license.

Chris D

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If you have suggestions to make, it must be in the "XenForo Suggestions" forum and it must be a single suggestion per thread. Please ensure you first check to see if a suggestion has been made before making a new suggestion.
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