Suggestions for building a sandbox?

Wayne Hunt


I'd like a bit of advice on the best way to proceed here. I have several sites, some PHPBB, some vB 3.8x that I want to pull over to Xenforo one at a time. Some huge, some tiny...

What I'd like to do is build a single site somewhere to use as a sandbox to develop the theme, layout, and everything else for one site, export the theme and files, then build the new site on the actual domain, then wipe the sandbox and start on the next one.

In essence;
  1. Build sandbox, develop site #1
  2. Move sandbox to live, licensed install site #1 on real domain
  3. Wipe sandbox, start on site #2
  4. Move sandbox to live, licensed install site #2 (go to 1)
When I built my vB sites, I did the same thing, but built a sandbox on an existing site using the existing license. What's the best way to accomplish that and still be legal with Xenforo without breaking the bank? Is there any wiggle room in having a sandbox install without breaking any rules?

I'm guessing I'll need to buy one license for the sandbox site, then buy an additional license each time I want to build a new site? Obviously each site needs a legal license, and I'm not trying to find a way around that in ANY WAY. What I'm hoping however is to find a way to build a sandbox to develop various sites (and modules, and themes) -- one at a time -- without having to spend an extra $140 that I really don't have right now.

Any ideas or constructive input would be appreciated.

Wayne Hunt

Wayne Hunt

Yes, but isn't that sandbox for the licensed site only? I know that's a silly question, but if someone saw it and it had a different site logo and design plastered all over it, wouldn't it raise questions?



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As long as the public can't register and be a part of the site and as Peggy said it's password protected then it's fine.