Implemented [Suggestion] Upgrade the IP.Board Importer?


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Hey folks,

As we all know, IP.Board 3.2.x has been released and considered stable for quite a while now.. and yet, the importer is still for only 3.1. I've actually tried the importer today on 3.2 -> 1.1 and it errored out unfortunately.

In my opinion, XenForo is possibly losing customers over this, as administrators will be using IP.Board 3.2, and they may see XenForo and they may want to convert. If they see that there is no way to do so, you've lost custom.

I know that the team is focussed on the 1.1 updates to XenForo, but I think that the importer upgrade would be great, if it could be done :)



Yeah, i got a few users in the queue that want to buy a license for xenforo, pending they can import 3.2 of ipb into xenforo 1.1