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On thing I think that would really set Xenforo apart for other software would be having a column that shows the lines. Like Github does because its something I've found very frustrating while using vbulletin. I make a mistake and forget to close an if condition and I get an error saying bleh on line 235. I then have to copy the whole template into either expression web or dreamweaver(which ever one I'm using at the time) just to know what line I need to check.

I think many people can agree here that they've had this problem. This way you know how many lines are in that template and can easily find that line in the editor. I have not seen any software forum,CMS,blog etc... thats implementing it and it would really save time when your making templates or changing templates.

I know I sometimes explain things badly and pictures are worth 1,000 words. Of course it wont have all the other stuff just the column that shows the number of lines. For implementation I think doing it client site would be easier then adding the load to the server.



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So you're basically saying the textarea used to edit templates should be numbered? I completely agree :)

I also think the textarea should keep indented text then just compress it all when its saved.
Yeah to me it would make template editing easier because its a real pain when you do make an error and it gives you a line were the error is but no way to find the line in the editor.


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Notepad++ has numbered lines and syntax highlighting indeed. It'd be good if it was integrated into the forum though. I was so sick of people referencing their errors with line numbers then I had to c+p the code and search for the line. The more stuff readily available on the forum, the more chance I have of actually doing the task being requested!


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Do people actually do code changes in the ACP?

Surely the correct way to do it is with a dedicated editor?
I do template edits in vBulletin via the ACP. I also write BBCode in vBulletin via the ACP.

When doing major changes, yes I use an editor of some sort but it is not always required. Numbered lines would help us make the changes.

I also think numbered lines are basically necessary in this day and age, so I would like the CODE, HTML and PHP BBCodes to have line numbering.


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If it's something very quick I use the ACP. If it could look like a headache I'll use the original file and backup any copies in case something goes wrong.

But yes, I like having the lines numbered.

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XF 2.0 supports editing templates with CodeMirror in the Admin CP and editing templates via the file system using your preferred editor with designer mode.