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Lack of interest Suggestion: SPAM Stats

I think this one would be easy to do but it would be great if I could get information on where spammers and spambots are coming from. For example, I have a lot of 122.162.x.x spam from Airtel Broadband in India (my site has both legitimate India traffic but also a high percentage of spam from there). I can block that activity at the firewall level instead of waiting for the user to try to register.

Here is the suggestion:
  • Log prevented user registration submissions via Honeypots
  • Log prevented user registration submissions that get caught in the queue because of IP/ Username/ E-mail address filters and that get rejected manually
I think the latter is already done to some extent.

Provide an Excel export with:
  • IP Address (if you wanted to get fancy both IP address but then a column for each octet)
  • Failed registration/ rejected registration reason
  • Date
  • Time