Lack of interest [Suggestion] Should the link style be changed?


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Should the default hover link and followed link style be changed? I know this will be really easy to do once we get our hands on the software, but it is the one thing about the default style that I really don't like, I think it's just the really large shadow:

Personally I would prefer for it just to be underlined on hover and change colour once followed, as with other links in the postbit.


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I know that this is one of the things that I'll be changing about the skins on any sites that I end up using XF for. This default skin really overuses box-shadow.


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I am not a huge fan of it either, but I can see why the Dev's have used it, it is one of many things that differentiates their lovely product.

It will be something I change on all the skins i do though :p


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I hope it gets the same treatment the "New" post icon will, as I don't much like the link either.


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I love it to, but it doesn't look as good when the link is more then one line. Lucky for us thoose links almost never exist :)