Implemented [Suggestion] Search Template feature


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I noticed today while looking through templates that there was no way to "search" for the needed text w/i that template. I think adding this small feature would be quite useful to those who may not necessarily be full on stylers/coders, but know enough to make smaller changes in specific places of the template.

I realize that is a Search Templates feature...but this isn't what I'm referring to. I'm talking about when you are viewing X template and it's rather large. It'd be nice to "find" the code you are looking for by inputting it into a search/find field (like vb has).


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To be honest, I see no need of such a search feature actually. The web browser already does a good job of searching for text strings in a page. I can do Ctrl + F and instantly start typing my search phrase to have the browser scroll to it and highlight it as well.