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As designed Selected Style Not Saved in Search Templates and Customized Components Pages


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I'm not sure how to best explain this or if I even titled the thread right, so I'll just get right to the steps, but I'd also be more than happy to make a video if needed.

How to Reproduce:
  • Go to the Search Templates page.
  • Switch the style from Style 1 to Style 2 because you want to search for something in Style 2.
  • Open the template editor for whatever template and click on Search Templates to go back to the page.
  • You'll notice that Style 1 is selected again even though you explicitly chose Style 2 before searching the templates.

It's essentially the same for the Customized Components page.

The only way to work around this and make the style you chose stick is to go to the main Templates page and change it there and then go to Search Templates or Customized Components.

Steve F

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I was able to reproduce what you're doing but I think it is working as intended. Since you never made a change or save anything between viewing a template from Style2 and going back to Search Templates it keeps you on Style1.

While working with templates and comparing them from multiple styles you wouldn't want it to default to another style just by viewing it's templates.


XenForo developer
Staff member
This is correct. The "default" style is always based on what you would look at when clicking on "templates".