Duplicate [Suggestion] Save quick reply contents


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My knowledge of PHP does not go further than basic syntax & my knowledge of Javascript is basically zero, so forgive me if I want something that's plain impossible :p

Regardless, I was replying to a thread just now & wanted to hit the reply button on several posts people made, on two pages. What I had to do was copy the first quote-reply-bbcode-thing, change pages, paste it into the box again, then continue replying to the other posts & going on with my life.

Potentially genius, but most likely insane & unworkable idea: what if the quick reply saves anything you type on a topic for as long as you are on that topic? What I mean is...

  • Type "I like rusty spoons" into the quick reply
  • Switch pages (on the same topic)
  • Still have that exact same "I like rusty spoons" in the quick reply
  • Leave the page -> quick reply content gets deleted (or after X minutes or so, not sure).
You get the idea. As said, it sounds pretty unworkable & resource-consuming, but I thought I'd throw it out there as I have nothing better to do :p


draft saves for posting content has been suggested elsewhere.


I like the suggestion. If you are typing and drafts like in gmail are saved, .. wonderful. :)


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I like the suggestion, too. It's very rare for me to deliberately navigate away from a page if I've already started writing a response, but it would be handy for those times when you accidentally click on a bookmark, or something.