Lack of interest [Suggestion] Quick Topic & Sticky/Announcement Threads.

Lee Lawson

New member
Why have quick reply without quick topic? Basically it is a feature that can be worked upon as IP.Board have it. It helps you create topics, ten times faster, you don't view smilies or topic codes so you will have to remember bbCodes, and would come to good use if your post a forum game thread, or off topic discussion thread whereas you can use the full editor and write your rules/guidelines/regulations and all that?

It could be added in the future but it would be nice to see it by default.

Also I see that you do not have Sticky or Global Announcements features, it probably would be best if it was thought upon for getting your forum rules noticed and some topics noticed if your recruiting staff members and all that.


I would say that basic global announcements , forum announcements and notices are these days a "out-of-the-box" feature so hoping we will see them in XenForo.


I have mixed feelings about quick topic. A quick topic is to me like quick edit in wordpress pages, a quick overview to edit existing content, without the content. Whereas in a topic the quick reply is to quickly add content to existing topic.

I will think about this for a bit and see what I think is logical and friendly to the end user and not complex or a performance hit.


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I would like to see an option when posting a new thread where groups with permission are able to set a thread to be a global announcement - A sticky thread that appears at the top of every forum and sub-forum. This would be very useful. For example, you have written a detailed list of rules and you want to make sure that this gets read by everyone. It would be much more visible to members if it was everywhere, they would also realize the importance of it.