Lack of interest [Suggestion] phpFox Integration


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Do not think this should be an official mod, think the devs should focuse on other stuff and leave this as an unofficial mod.


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100% should be a mod/addon, sorry but there is a very small %% of xenForo admins that use phpFox and adding it to core would just add bloat.


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I doubt that it will be included into core features. Only couple boards have a use of phpfox and they should use a modification .

Mike Law

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Would be awesome to see a mod,
Also in the first thread no mention of core integration, but a request for a module to integrate phpfox and xenforo, something that would be pretty awesome as there is such a mod for vb but some people use xf

Calling Xenforo a social networking solutions is silly, its a forum and a very good one, the discussion is central not the people.


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Phpfox is a pretty well rounded social script but the forum module leaves much to be desired. It would be great to use Xenforo in place of the default phpfox forum module.