Lack of interest [Suggestion] Optional Avatar Status Indicator


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(You'll have to forgive my terrible color choice in my mockup, but the general idea remains the same. In the real implementation, the color would probably be chosen from the palette.)

I noticed that when viewing a thread, there is no direct indication of whether a user is online or not. Yes, I know you can click the username to see the last active information. But why take the extra step?

xenForo has become known for its clean interface, and I know the developers probably wouldn't want to add more to the user sidebar. However, what if it was integrated into the avatar system like this?

(Again, excuse my hideous green color choice.)

When a user is online, simply fill the white area that surrounds the avatar with a solid color to indicate recent activity. When the user is not active, the normal white border is displayed. And of course, this should all be completely optional.

It's simple, clean, and effective. Any thoughts?


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I agree but I think 3 different colours is necessary:
#1 - Recently Active (performed action in X minutes)
#2 - Inactive but logged in (No action performed in Y minutes)
#3 - Offline (logged out)


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There was discussion (By Shelley) about an online status marker.
I see. I just found that topic. :p I think that the ideas are different enough to justify a separate topic though. I'm not proposing the addition of anything to the main sidebar or user overlay. Just a few additional color palettes and some code to change the border around the avatar. The idea is the same, but the implementation is different.

I'm not sure what theming will be like and if this will be possible later through themes/mods, but it's something I'd definitely like to see in the core 1.0 release! :)