Lack of interest [Suggestion]No likes after the thread is closed


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As it is now you can still like post in a closed thread. Maybe it is just me but if the thread was closed should post in that thread still be able to be liked?

To me if the thread is closed likes should be turned off. If the thread is closed and people continue to like the thread, thats kind of like people Liking to not liking your forum rules. Overriding that your moderator closed your thread. Plus it seems to make the user think its ok to break the rules as people kept liking the thread after it was closed.


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How about in a situation where an admin posts an announcement thread (say, this one) but closes it for comments. Should't you still be able to like it? As of right now, about 165 people agree with me that you should be able to like it even though it's closed. :p


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I remember actually debating about this with Kier at one point. We were going to allow likes on closed stickies, but then we thought, really, why should we limit the likes at all? If people share a viewpoint, liking it is a very non-intrusive way of saying that; no one else will be notified. If they really feel strongly about it, there's always PMs or other forms of communication anyway.