Not a bug I am not sure if its bug... not sure if the thread is closed... but i cannot post to it...

Affected version

Neutral Singh

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Yes, it seems ad blockers were causing it but it still doesn't make any sense to me... there are no ads to block on and i started a new thread with ad blockers still on and was able to do it and also able to reply to it... but could not reply in the above thread... disabling the ad blocker is allowing me to post it in that thread now...

But threr was no warning or any error message to suggest that ad-blocker was causing it...

Neutral Singh

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Well, i understand the irony...

  1. Why it is not allowing me to post as it allowed me to start and respond to the thread initially?
  2. Why there is no warning message for the poster to advise him to disable ad-blocker?
I think a warning should be built into the system.

I was able to start following thread with same content and was able to reply to it... hence the irony...



XenForo developer
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The ad blocker is somewhat randomly blocking requests based on content provided in headers/parameters based on what it thinks is an ad (with a false positive). The issues could be from various other causes thus it's difficult to definitively detect as an ad blocker issue.