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organizing your forum threads is a daunty task especially if you move tens of wrong threads...

currently: if you move a thread to a correct forum, you will also be redirected the the new correct forum.
and you need to go back again the unorganized forum and do it again for other remaining wrong threads

my suggestion is: make a default that when you move a wrong thread, it will popup a notification
that the thread has been moved to this specific forum BUT you still remain on the current forum.
that way you dont need to go back and forth after moving the wrong threads.

this is very good if you have a busy forum with lots of wrong threads posted, saves a lot of time and effort organizing your forum

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You can use inline moderation and select multiple threads and do a single move operation, rather than going into each thread and doing it one at a time.
hi brogan

just example:
you have 20 wrong threads on one forum and you need to move each wrong thread to forum1 up to forum20

thread 1-->forum1
thread 2-->forum2
thread 3-->forum 3
thread 4-->forum 4
thread 5-->forum 5
thread 6-->forum 6
thread 7-->forum 7
thread 8-->forum 8
thread 9-->forum 9
and so on...

imagine doing it 20 times, clicking back and forth to the cluttered forum just to move one thread at a time at one specific forum.
plus you need to scrollup just to go back and go to the disorganized forum...

inline is good for many threads to one forum section
but if each one thread belongs to each different forum, its massively paintaking...
especially doing it repetitive for more than 10 threads to 10 different forum sections.

plus i dont see the reason why after moving the thread to the new forum and you will also stay on the new forum..? (you will not do anything in the new forum after moving the thread there)

most probably, you will just click go back and do the same process again with the other threads.

my suggestion is really helpful especially to very busy forums like mine..
im so tired of doing the repetition of clicking to a point i will suffer from repetitive injury :(

thanks :)
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