Lack of interest [Suggestion] Inline admin


I'd love to see an inline admin tool. Basically, instead of creating forums from ACP, it's all done right from the index. When you login to admin, it redirects to index page where you have a toolbox of admin related tools. If you wanted to create a forum, you just click, a dialogue appears, enter your forum name, and it's created.

I'd also like to see other inline features, such as editing forum names/descriptions (double click, edit, hit save)

Also, repositioning forums using jQuery's drag/drop right from index page.

I've always wanted these features because in my opinion, it's quick and easy :)


It's not that often you need to do that though - inline admin for topics and posts (and members) is great, but setting up your forums is something you do quite rarely. I'd probably do it by accident more often than I'd actually do it deliberately.


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I think portions of admin functions can be inline, but for the majority of options there is just way too much information and settings to make it practical and user-friendly.


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Often-used administrator and moderator functions should be found as part of the front-facing user interface when that makes sense. Rarely used functionality should be in a separate admin interface. Defining forums probably falls into the second category.


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I agree that some often used functions should be inline but the rest should be hidden away in the ACP.