Implemented [Suggestion] Have a select all/deselect all for threads in All Watched Threads


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Absolutely. I needed this when I wanted to stop email alerts on a few dozen threads quickly.


Agreed but make a system out of this. Make sure it's available across the domain ie watched threads, unwatched threads, personal conversations [?] etc to ensure consistency.


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Now that there is the option to select threads in All Watched Threads, would it also make sense to have a select all/deselect all function?

Otherwise if you want to do a lot of threads it requires a lot of mouse clicks.
"All" may not be the right word. How about "all threads shown on a page", if yes, I highly support it.


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I miss it as well. But... it can be potential dangerous if you Select All and then perform an action you didn't want to perform...


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See attachment:


I'm not sure if this is needed in 'Conversations' too since I do not have a conversation yet. But anyway, it's needed everywhere when you want to work fast and efficiently.


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Anything ever happen with this? Because I am not going to check off six pages of threads one by one. Unless I get really, really bored.


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this is loudly requested by my forum users
Is there any chance this function will appear in 1.0.1 ?