Implemented [Suggestion] Automatic Image Attachment Resizing


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xF needs to incorporate the automatic resizing of images that exceed the predefined limit. Getting my users to re-size their photos rarely works and I often have to do it for them :(


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Already suggested this on a couple other threads such as


Kier said he was going to take a look at plupload ( which is made by the same folks that make tinymce (the editor used by XF) and it can automatically resize images to an admin specified size ON THE USERS WORKSTATION. This is a huge issue, both for the bazillions of users that have no clue how to resize an image and get frustrated when their 7 meg picture takes foreeeeeeeeeever to upload and is then refused, as well as for bandwidth, storage and display issues on the forum admin side. :)


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MUCH better to resize it on the workstation... We constantly get folks that take pictures with their 12 megapixel camera and then try to upload them without resizing the image. :: facepalm ::

plupload lets the admin specify either Vertical or Horizontal pixel limitations or filesize limits that any images will be resized to on the user's machine, BEFORE it's uploaded. That's a LOT better having people trying to upload gargantuan images and getting frustrated because it times out, or exceeds upload limits etc. All us web geek types have no problem resizing an image, but you'd be AMAZED how many people haven't the first clue how to do that, or even why it's needed.

The point is, you want to make uploading images as simple and painless as humanly possible. If images go into a centralized, searchable gallery, they can be priceless user generated content. And so many people use their smartphone cameras to take quick snaps of things they want to share, an image is often all they want to post with maybe a few words to go along with it. Forums need to get with the rest of the modern web in how they deal with images.


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Im so in need of this also. I have a photography forum and members Run away if they cant one click the photos to the site! so many sites do it they will just move on to an easier site.


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If it refers to pixels then yes.
Server-side file size (KB) is not supported, so I'll mark this as implemented.


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So if I upload a 1024-768 image and have XF set to re-size all attachments to 640*480, the image would be re-sized?