Lack of interest [Suggestion] Allow thread creators to edit poll question & responses (more Poll improvements)


Option to allow thread creators to edit poll question & responses:
An option to allow thread creators to edit the poll options.
From the Admin CP, admins have the option to either allow or not allow this option to appear when creating a poll, for thread creators (normal users). They can restrict it for a particular forum section only (if they want).
Currently, this is not allowed:

@XenForo staff
There are 'game threads' where the moderators and player KNOW the poll needs to be edited. Hence why, for some sections, this option will be useful.


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This is the same as the previous thread and again moderators can override this behavior. If I vote for "cat", I can't see a situation where changing it to "dog" would make sense. (Note that people can edit their own polls before there are any votes.) So you'll need to explain the why of your feature, not the what.

It certainly appears that you have special requirements for your polls and would probably be better served with changes that fit your needs specifically. Not everything will be made into an option, especially if it appears to have highly niche appeal.


Okay I'll explain the "why".
Lets say a person makes a thread called: One Piece: Latest Chapter Discussion

Current manga chapter: 756
They make a poll called:
'Which Nakama do you think will join the straw hat crew'
Option A: Sabo
Option B: Rebecca
Option C: Bart
Option D: Violet
Option E: Other

Manga chapter 757 is realeased.
It's revealed Sabo dies. They want to add something onto the option Sabo (don't vote- he is dead), but they can't do that.
Or maybe they mis spelt the title or one of the responses (which they only realise, after somebody has already voted/ when somebody points it out to them on the thread).

All 'important' polls are done by admins or moderators. They obviously wouldn't rely on normal users to do it.
If people complain to an administrator regarding one of the normal users cheating the poll, the administrator could always change who the thread starter is (merge posts with somebody else). So at least, I believe this option should still be made available in the admin CP to turn on or off for specific forum section(s).

"highly niche appeal." -> How would you know that? Shouldn't you let the people decide? :p

Although I must admit, the two suggestions which you put in the closed section are far more useful then this plugin (for multiple reasons on my forum). Poll options being so limited is heavily criticised because it lacks the two things below:
^ I responded to both your replies.
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